i am coach shabazz

I’ve been an expert motivator since the time I decided to become a strength and conditioning coach back in 2011. A big part of my mission is to pull the absolute best out of each individual I encounter. As well as meeting the specific needs of the individual or group during the process. I have been blessed with the skills to motivate and train athletes and adults. Motivating athletes and training them to be the best both physically and mentally. I have helped teams win a total of 20 State Championships, 3 Nation Championships, and 1 gold medal. I have spoken with the University of Memphis’s Tigers basketball team and as a result, they have been the #2 nationally ranked team and they have a current record of 11-4 to start the 2022-23 basketball season.

Since October 2022 I’ve spoken at 105 speaking engagements including colleges as well as high schools. I have spoken to them about the importance of recognizing as well as maximizing their gift as a student athlete. Helping them to understand their responsibilities as a student athlete and fulfilling their destiny of becoming a champion not only in sports, but in life!

In addition, my mission for adults, be it a corporation, a weight loss client, or an organization; my motivation for them is to become the absolute best version of themselves. To look within and find that one thing that separates them from the rest of the world and maximize the role that they play every single day, to the point of becoming a light to those around them and encourage them to do the same. 

"Regardless of how your role played out yesterday. Today you have a shot to maximize your role. Obliterate your day."
- Coach Shabaz


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